Thursday, November 19, 2009

Sunday, November 15, 2009

WHAT A BLESSING! ...and anniversary! :)

Today marked one year of marriage for Jake and I!!! I can't believe how much we've experienced in this past year...
Move to Idaho
Move back to Utah
Have baby
Just to name a few...
In between those events- SO many adventures...
I'm so blessed to have experienced them all along side my best friend and EC/hubby. Jake is a loving husband and father and, well, words can't say how lucky Elliot and I are to have him.
Also, today Jake was able to give Elliot her name and blessing. He administered such a sweet, and touching blessing. She has great things in store, our special little girl.
We had a GREAT weekend! Nana (my mom), Papa (my dad), Hannah (my "baby" sis), and Bailey (my niece) all drove out from Cali and Abby (my lil' sis) came out from Idaho. We had such a great time with them, and are so greatful that they were able to come out to spend this special weekend with us. On Saturday we decided to head out to the SLC and visit temple square. When we left Springville, it was cold but sunny. The closer we got to Salt Lake, the snowier it got! So we parked at the conference center, bundled up the babe, and braved the weather as we all ran around like mice in a maze trying to figure out how the heck to get out of the parking lot that faces temple square! It was pretty hilarious, and the family really loved seeing and playing in all that snow. What's with there not being handycap/stroller ramps on the outside of the conference center!? Oh well, after a lovely tour of the parking lot we figured it out. :) After our tour of the visitors center we headed over to Trolley square for brinner. It was just so great to see my fam!
Sunday, Elliot was blessed by her daddy and was surrounded by uncles and grandpa's. She did so good. She just stared at her dad and was so calm and awake. With lots of help from Jill (my mother in law) we made her blessing dress from my wedding dress. She also wore pink and white chrocheted (sp?) slippers that her great grandma Ebert made for her, and beautiful beaded bracelet from her aunt Lyndsie, and a gorgeous head piece by her aunt Kaylee. She looked adorable. Her great grandma Ebert also made the blanket that you'll see in the slide show that I'll be posting.
It has been a great weekend/day/year!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Finally... Our baby update and more!

WOW! Am I behind or what!?!
On August 21, 2009 we welcomed our sweet baby girl, Elliot Jayne Webster. She was born @ 11:22 pm, and has been awake ever since. :) Ha ha j/k.

Home coming!
We left the hospital and came home to nearly the ENTIRE Webster gang! Which for those of you who aren't aware, I think there are like 80 + of us now... :) J/K But there is a lot! Her aunts were anxious to snuggle her and her uncles scared to death (with the exception of James). :)
Week 1: She slept SO much, at one point we thought something was wrong! Nana was here (my mom) to help take care of both of us, and that was so nice. I don't know what I would have done without her! As a brand new mom I felt crazy! I could hardly sleep, I wanted to watch her every second. Literally just look at her, and when I was so tired that all I could do was sleep I would close my eyes and still see her. :) Motherhood is nothing I expected it to be, and better than I could have imagined.

Week 2: ROAD TRIP!!! Yes we're crazy! Elliot and I packed up and went to Cali, with Nana, to meet the rest of the fam. I was an emotional disaster still from the chaos that was my hormones and I missed my hubby SO much! He missed us like crazy too, but we are greatful for his sacrifice to be without us, so that my family could get to know our sweet baby girl! Her aunts Erika, Abby, and Hannah just love her. Her cousin Bailey does too! Even though she was SO afraid that Elliot was going to drool on her! LOL. She also got to meet her greats! Great Grandma and Grandpa Urry although she still doesn't know it yet, because she was asleep the whole time. :)
Week 3: AIRPLANE!!! We jetted back to Utah to see daddy! She did so great! It was like any other nap time to her! It was a great reunion to see Jake.
Also in week 3 reality sets in. No more Nana. I'm a mom. Jake's a dad, and Elliot is our precious responsibility.
She's now 2 and 1/2 months old and is just the funnest thing ever! She's got super strength! She loves to stand holding onto our fingers, and when laying down on her bobby, she's now trying to sit up all by herself.
She's SO smiley! Just happy all the time! Okay not ALL the time, but most of it! She's in the 98% for her weight! 76% for her height and 68% for her head. :) She's a healthy happy baby!
In other news:
Jake started his new job as a property manager for a subsidized apartment complex in Provo and so far so good! He likes his job and we are both so greatful he has it! Thanks again Lyndsie for the recommendation!
Now I'm going to try to figure out how to post a slide show, so you can all see pictures of our life as it has changed in the past 2 months...

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

30 DAYS!!!!

If I go to my due date (yuck!), I only have 30 days left! She's dropping a lot this week, I feel like what's happening to my hips and pelvis is very un natural and I'm SO ready to have this lil (or BIG) baby. Last week I was only 1cm dialated, but 50% effaced so at least something is happening. I go back in this Friday, and am hoping for more progress. My Dr. is very um old fashioned and and a little rough, but he works in a practice of 4 doctors so I could have any one of them in the delivery room (who ever is on call that day). I put together her bassinet yesterday, and just need to get a little mattress and sheets for it now. It's pretty cute, it's old and needs a fresh coat of paint, but I like it and it will work great for the first couple of months.
Jake is still looking for work, and he's got some good contacts here so hopefully something will happen soon for him.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

UTAH---or as Bailey says "MY-TAH?"

Well, Jake and I have made some BIG changes in a SMALL amount of time. Due to the failing economy in McCall (un-employment rate @ 13%--- and that's just the documented un-employment!) Jake was unable to secure employment up there. In the meantime I have becoming increasingly pregnant! With out a paid maternity leave, and Jake not working it didn't make sense for us to stay. We made that decision last week. On Monday (July 6th) I told work what our plans were, and with things being so slow they didn't feel it necessary to fulfill a two weeks notice period. So, as greatful as we are for all that the Norris's have done for us we packed up Monday night, rented our U-HAUL for Tuesday and we were on our way.
We were able to stay at the Abigail Manor one more time, and we hope to be back again to visit as soon as we can! We already miss them SOOO much! :(
UTAH (When Bailey our niece on the Urry side was about 3 years old - almost 4, I was trying to explain to her that I lived in Utah and this is why I couldn't be around to see her alot, and she responded, "In My-tah!?" :) lol
We are staying with Jake's parents for the next little bit, while Jake gets working. I'll be on call for my old boss at Insight Eye Care until the baby comes; and we'll be on our own as soon as we can!
Baby Girl Webster is doing very well. We have our first appointment in Utah next Monday (hopefully) so it will be nice to finish things up here soon, pregnancy wise.
We have been very humbled by this whole experience and appreciate all of the support and prayers from our friends and family!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

How to take care of a baby - according to a 6 yr. old!

While in the car on the way to fireworks in Michigan last week, Bailey said - "Randy, you don't know how to take care of a baby?" I laughed and said, "Do you know how to take care of a baby?" She didn't even have to think about her response. She just said

"Yes, you have to feed it twice, change it twice, rock the baby to sleep, and sing it a lullaby."

lol so there you have it~!

It's been SOO long!

Jake is in heaven. 2 screens, 2 games!
Rainbow in Cascade, Idaho

Thanks Kim, for posting that tutorial for these cute Fathers Day cards which my sister and I made. So fun!

SOO, here's the last few months in a nut shell...

I am 31 weeks pregnant! This little girl will be here before we know it and we can hardly wait to meet her!

I've been managing my gestational diabetes with the help of my BFF Jake, and we're hopefully nearing the finish line! (Fingers crossed)

Baby is healthy (a little big), and so so strong! She loves to wedge her body right into my right rib cage, which is weird because I can't imagine that's the most comfortable spot she's been able to find, but she loves it there!

Most recently...

We just returned from our family reunion in Michigan, which was SO much fun. It was so fun to see my grandparents and cousins and meet their spouses and kids! Most of the aunts and uncles were there too. It was a big blur of fun!

I drove over my camera while there, so I
have no pictures to prove the fun we had...

Reminder to self:

Never fly across the country super pregnant unless there are NO connections and you can sit in first class or on your own private jet. Hee hee :)

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Adventures in Utah

Jake and I have just returned from a memorable trip from Utah. We had a great time with family and friends and had not such a great time with our car. James and Lyndsie were kind enough to offer their basement while we stayed there and it was so nice! We even got our own twin beds so, I got some great nights of sleep!... :)

I got to see my girls at the gym and that was definitely a highlight for me. I love those girls and it was so great to see them all again!!!

We got to see our friends Eric and Alison's newest and first addition to their family (Ashton) and he is ADORABLE! Oh I can't wait to hold our own little baby!

We celebrated Jake's birthday with family a little early (his 29th b-day is on May 13th) and that was a blast, even though the Jazz had another disappointing loss to the Lakers, OH sorry KOBE BRYANT and the Los Angeles Lakers----blah!!! :) Anyway, it was so fun to have almost all of the nieces, nephews, grandparents and inlaws together---(we missed you Ben, Kaylee, Alliya, Payton, and Martin!) Melissa made an awesome chocolate cake with chocolate frosting or as Lexie calls it, "brown cake with brown icing". Everybody chipped in and it was just so much fun!

Car broke down and delayed us an extra day, we ended up getting things fixed up and on our way though--- thank you mom and dad Webster for all of your help!!! And thank you Dan for going out in the cold snow/rain to help us figure out what was wrong with our car! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

We were able to spend two nights with Abby, Sean and Baxter (happy birthday Sean!), which was so nice and we are greatful that they let us come visit so often!

Jake and I bought our tickets for the family reunion and we are SO looking forward to that!

I'm 5 months pregnant and everything seems to be going very smoothly, and we feel so blessed for that! Swollen feet and achy pains are a small price to pay for what is to come and we are SO EXCITED! August will be here before we know it!!!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

It's a girl! Well, it will be in August... :)

Abby would like you all to know that she was right! ---and 5 others as well, at least according to the poll. Jake and I went in last week for our ultrasound and we got to see our little baby girl! She was pretty stubborn about the whole thing though. It was pretty amazing, while she was squirming around on the monitor I could feel all of her little squirms this time! She gave us some great pictures too, we got a great one of her sucking her thumb and another of her finishing up a great big yawn, in which she stretched her right arm out as she tilted her head back and opened her mouth for a nice big yawn. As far as finding out if she was a boy or a girl--- She was being pretty tricky! If her hand wasn't right in the way it was the umbilical chord she was holding! After about an hour of investigation the woman doing our ultrasound said that there was no evidence of any male parts and that we were having a girl! Jake and I are both so excited! This time is flying by and she'll be here before we know it!

In other news...

Sean (our brother in law) bought a hunting rifle this weekend and is cradling it right now like baby (unloaded of course) but he hasn't put it down since he got it. :) Boys and their toys...

Abby and I tried to be sneaky about making Easter baskets for our husbands and had a plan that while Abby distracted them I would run and hide them upstairs, but I had only made it up TWO steps when I froze in a laugh attack, I couldn't move and could hardly breathe I was laughing so hard! Abby--- laughing and screaming at me to "GO" only made me laugh harder....

We're headed to Utah on the 22nd of this month! YAY!!! We'll get to spend a few days with family and friends, and we are just really looking forward to the break!

McCall is really beginning to melt and thank goodness! I'm craving some warmth and sunlight!!!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Laugh attack...

About two weeks ago, we made our way down to the Abigail Manor on Eagle Island, to spend some time with Sean and Abby. We had a great time! Abby, Jake, and I went on an all out shopping spree at every local thrift store in Boise (practically). We got some great deals, and it was just a lot of fun... I got a few maternity things and a little baby tub that looks brand new, and we got some other items that we've been wanting, so it was a successful shopping trip. The first night we were there we went to Pizza Hut, we sat down and had a nice meal, I took my last bite and was taking my last sip of water, when Jake realized he had a hair on his last bite! With water half way down my throat my reaction was that I burst into laughter, however no one could tell that's what was going on because no one could hear me laughing, I just started turning bright red and well I'm pretty sure it (the water) came out of every hole in my face... Everyone was laughing and concerned, because they weren't sure what was going on! I just could not get a grip!!! I had a serious laugh attack... Also, that weekend... Sean and Jake were playing the wii and Abby and I were in the office when they started calling for us to come in to the living room. Abby and I went in and they had set a stool up in front of the T.V. and had come up with an idea: They were going to use the stool for stability but were going to shoot with their eyes closed, and we (the wives) had to direct them on where to aim and when to shoot. Long story short, we switched roles and the husbands got schooled... :) Good times...
Baby Update: We had our first ultrasound a little over a week ago, and everything seems good. We won't find out for a few more weeks the sex of the baby, but we are so excited to find out! It was so fun to see our little guy or girl in their squirming around. It was weird because I could see it on the monitor but couldn't feel any of this baby's movement! I hear it should happen soon, and so I'm anxious for that as well!
This week was a pretty great week all in all. McCall has begun slightly to melt... YAY! We got a five minute thunder and lightening storm (ohhh I have missed these!) and Jake happens to make the best chocolate chip cookies ever! Like I'm ever going to try again now that I know they can taste SO good... :)

Friday, February 27, 2009

Heart Beat

So the past few nights I've been experiencing some chest pain coupled with some other not fun pains in my back and jaw and arms etc... but the other night it was bad enough that it woke me up and got me a little worried. I called to set up a Dr. appointment but things run a little slower here and they said they would call me back in a 2-3 days to set that up for me. So Jake and I did a little research on line and decided to be safe and head on in to the local ER. After running some blood work and an EKG we found out that I am indeed pregnant, and that's it! :) The EKG came back good and so did all of my blood work, the Dr. pretty much told me that my ligaments are losening up and that is what is causing the discomfort... *Sigh* What a relief! Then right before we left she decided to just check for the babies heart beat because at this stage we'd all likely be able to hear it. She found IT (which means UNO baby) right away, :) I can still hear the fast swooshing little beat in my head. This is all pretty amazing and we can hardly wait to meet this little baby!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Summer Baby!

Well, it's official Jake and I are announcing the first addition to our family to arrive this August! The addition will be a baby, and we're taking bets now on whether it's a boy or girl. As we said in the family e-mail we've come up with a couple of prizes! If you guess right you get to send us a package of diapers! But if you guess wrong we'll let you send what ever you like... :) lol only teasing!!! So to help with your guessing Madison (our 9 yr old niece) says it's a boy, and she hasn't been wrong yet! However our sister in law Kaylee says it's a girl and she hasn't been wrong yet, so who will win!?!? Time will tell!
Mom Urry had the funniest reaction to the news... For Christmas we wrapped up some electrical socket protectors and wrote on the package to "start baby proofing!" She thought it was a joke and wouldn't believe us! We had to show her three of the four positive pregnancy tests before she finally believed us! :) It was pretty funny...
Mom Webster caught on a little slower than we thought she would... We got her a little silver necklace with a little "Grandma" charm on it. When she opened it she said something to the effect that "oh, it's a grandma necklace, how lovely"... and that was it. It took Dad Webster saying, "are you trying to tell us something?" before she realized the significance of the Grandma charm! :) It was pretty hilarious!
Although this little baby has come as quite an early surprise we are just so excited and feel just so so blessed!

Happy Valentines Day!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Snow trees and Camelot

Well the festivities continue with the McCall Winter Carnival this week. Jake and I took a walk on Friday night from our apartment down to the Payette Lake where we watched a pretty cool fireworks show over the lake. People were standing out on the frozen lake! CRAZY! But I'm not going to lie I kind of wanted to run out there... :) Anyway, Jake and I walked around and listened to some of the local entertainment and watched people gather around a HUGE bonfire, and then we walked back home. Probably not the smartest idea with my back being in not the best condition but we made it home. We made Saturday afternoon our picture taking day and it's just crazy how a camera (unless your name is Ben Leavitt) just can't seem to capture the beauty of these sculpures~! On Saturday we had dinner at the carnival. Jake had a giant turkey leg, I had a cup of noodles, and we shared a funnel cake. YUM! The carnival was a blast and we think you should all come visit us next year, this time! The pictures I am posting are all of the "amateur" artists sculptures the "professional" snow sculpture building begins Tuesday and I'll try to get some pics before we leave for Utah on Wednesday. That's it for now, enjoy the pictures!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Jake's big scare!!!

Jake had a big scare last night!...

It was me! LOLOL

To start off with my back has been killing me so we finally went in to the chiropractor who fixed me up pretty good and gave me a list of instructions to help with the healing process. One of those instructions is to drink 100 oz of water a day! So, I started my 100 oz of water drinking at about 7 PM... This information plays a role in what's to come.

So, under our little apt. they are remodeling and we had workers sheet rocking until about 11:30PM---this is a little past my bed time lately so as soon as they left I was out like a light. About an hour later I get a call from nature so, still half asleep I sit up put on my little slippers and scoot to the bathroom. ( I say scoot because you see my back doesn't quite straighten all the way right at first when I get up so I'm walking like I'm 100 years old... in other words it's not a silent glide). Meanwhile Jake had just put the lap top down and had just lay down to fall asleep and somehow had not felt or heard me get out of bed to use the restroom. So as I scoot back to bed and round the corner Jake shoots up and yell's "HHHHEEEELLLLLOOOO!?!?!?!?" He's staring right at me!!! Scared me to death! I thought OH CRAP SOMEONE IS BEHIND ME!!!! Then I realize in a split second that I'm the one he's yelling at and looks like he's going to take out in 2 seconds so I yelled back! "JACOB---it's me!!!" It took him several more seconds to (in his words) recognize my voice! By the time I collapsed back in bed I was shaking and his heart was beating SO fast! He swore he hadn't heard me move or get up and that he thought I was right next to him when he sat up and yelled... Then I got the giggles I was laughing so hard I could hardly breathe! I'd try falling asleep and then I'd lose it again laughing! I've even done it probably six times today so far every time I think about it!

Sigh... Oh the joys of getting used to creepy new apts! LOLOL

Happy almost Friday!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

That's right... McCall Idaho

Well, the past two weeks have been a complete blur! Last week Jake and I took a little trip up to Idaho to do two things. 1-We had the priveledge of staying in the "Abigail Manor" ---Abby & Sean's new place that is absolutely gorgeous! 2- We, had an interview with an eye doctor up in McCall (90 miles north of Boise). Abby and Sean were kind enough to come up to McCall with us which made the drive much better to have the company. Abby used an actual outhouse on the way up! I knew you were all wondering. Sean gave us the tour of the area, because of his familiarity to it coming up here for camping in the summers. It's beautiful up here! A little like Park City, but I think even better. There is the beautiful Payette ( I think that's the name of it anyway) lake at the edge of the town, and huge pine trees up here, lots that are still strung with white Christmas lights. The town is gearing up for the winter carnival, which has become a pretty big deal. More than 100,000 people will drive through this little town to see the incredible snow sculptures. It's been pretty cool to watch them start to build them this week. Check out So to back up a little bit, last week Jake and I both worked all week and tried to pack as much as we could because we accepted the job. We will be working for Dr. Randy Norris and his wife Leah. They are such good people! It is going to be a really great opportunity for us! We love it up here! The people are SO friendly! I find myself not trusting it a little... For instance, everyone waves at you when you drive by them! EVERYONE! At first I think---umm do they know me? But of course they don't know me! We've only been here for 4 days! They just like to wave and say hi and hold the door open for you and invite you to activities, etc. It's great! Feels like Texas but with mountains and snow--- aka Heaven. The accounting company that handles Family Eye Centers stuff is just right next door, and Frannie who works for them has come over every morning to get our daily reports etc. Well, yesterday she came in after the Dr. and his wife had left and she said, "I keep meaning to introduce myself, I'm Frannie and I am the Relief Society in the 1st ward..." That's right there are TWO wards up here, woo hoo! Anyway she invited me to enrichment tonight, and told me that the ward starts at 9am on Sundays---ugh. So, I'm going to go socialize tonight. Should be fun hopefully, it's been weird getting into being in a family ward again after so many years of singles wards. :) This weekend I'll run around and take lots of pictures to post for you all to see. Wildlife: We see foxes everywhere (real ones Sean!), and yesterday on the way to work we drove next to a herd of elk---beautiful! That's the latest! Oh yes, and we don't have a mailing address yet because we have to get a PO box up here because they don't deliver to street addresses and also my cell doesn't have any service up here so feel free to call me at work and we'll keep you updated on any changes.
Family Eye Center 208-634-2020

Saturday, January 3, 2009

On To A New Year!

Happy New Year!!!

To back up just a bit... Christmas was great! We had such a good time visiting our family in California, we relaxed a lot, visited the wild animal park, played lots of games and just had a really geat time! We came back to Utah on Christmas night to spend with family at mom and dad Websters, where we ate a GRAND feast! Oy, I'm still full from that night I think... All in all our first married Christmas will be hard to top in the years to come. :)

We started the year off with lots of bangs! Our brother and sister in law, James and Lindsey hosted a great New Years Eve bash, full of Wii playing, Scrabble, minature basketball, and great food in their beautiful home. I barely made it to midnight this year. My night owl days have disappeared at the moment... Needless to say midnight struck and everyone participated by banging pots and pans and blowing those little squeeker thingy's. Then Jake and James played some Wii tennis before we finally went home.

The year ahead holds a bit of mystery for us at this point. I am looking at some new job opportunities and Jake will be working on his education. Where we will be doing this is still in the air... Utah, Idaho, California, Texas, Jupiter... Who knows!! :)

We'll be making a decision soon though and will let you all know when we do!