Friday, February 27, 2009

Heart Beat

So the past few nights I've been experiencing some chest pain coupled with some other not fun pains in my back and jaw and arms etc... but the other night it was bad enough that it woke me up and got me a little worried. I called to set up a Dr. appointment but things run a little slower here and they said they would call me back in a 2-3 days to set that up for me. So Jake and I did a little research on line and decided to be safe and head on in to the local ER. After running some blood work and an EKG we found out that I am indeed pregnant, and that's it! :) The EKG came back good and so did all of my blood work, the Dr. pretty much told me that my ligaments are losening up and that is what is causing the discomfort... *Sigh* What a relief! Then right before we left she decided to just check for the babies heart beat because at this stage we'd all likely be able to hear it. She found IT (which means UNO baby) right away, :) I can still hear the fast swooshing little beat in my head. This is all pretty amazing and we can hardly wait to meet this little baby!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Summer Baby!

Well, it's official Jake and I are announcing the first addition to our family to arrive this August! The addition will be a baby, and we're taking bets now on whether it's a boy or girl. As we said in the family e-mail we've come up with a couple of prizes! If you guess right you get to send us a package of diapers! But if you guess wrong we'll let you send what ever you like... :) lol only teasing!!! So to help with your guessing Madison (our 9 yr old niece) says it's a boy, and she hasn't been wrong yet! However our sister in law Kaylee says it's a girl and she hasn't been wrong yet, so who will win!?!? Time will tell!
Mom Urry had the funniest reaction to the news... For Christmas we wrapped up some electrical socket protectors and wrote on the package to "start baby proofing!" She thought it was a joke and wouldn't believe us! We had to show her three of the four positive pregnancy tests before she finally believed us! :) It was pretty funny...
Mom Webster caught on a little slower than we thought she would... We got her a little silver necklace with a little "Grandma" charm on it. When she opened it she said something to the effect that "oh, it's a grandma necklace, how lovely"... and that was it. It took Dad Webster saying, "are you trying to tell us something?" before she realized the significance of the Grandma charm! :) It was pretty hilarious!
Although this little baby has come as quite an early surprise we are just so excited and feel just so so blessed!

Happy Valentines Day!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Snow trees and Camelot

Well the festivities continue with the McCall Winter Carnival this week. Jake and I took a walk on Friday night from our apartment down to the Payette Lake where we watched a pretty cool fireworks show over the lake. People were standing out on the frozen lake! CRAZY! But I'm not going to lie I kind of wanted to run out there... :) Anyway, Jake and I walked around and listened to some of the local entertainment and watched people gather around a HUGE bonfire, and then we walked back home. Probably not the smartest idea with my back being in not the best condition but we made it home. We made Saturday afternoon our picture taking day and it's just crazy how a camera (unless your name is Ben Leavitt) just can't seem to capture the beauty of these sculpures~! On Saturday we had dinner at the carnival. Jake had a giant turkey leg, I had a cup of noodles, and we shared a funnel cake. YUM! The carnival was a blast and we think you should all come visit us next year, this time! The pictures I am posting are all of the "amateur" artists sculptures the "professional" snow sculpture building begins Tuesday and I'll try to get some pics before we leave for Utah on Wednesday. That's it for now, enjoy the pictures!