Thursday, June 10, 2010


It's true!

We are having a baby! Another one!

We are very excited to welcome our newest family member in December. :)

Elliot is as excited as a 9 month old can be about the big news! Ha ha she just claps and smiles because mom and dad make it sound so exciting!

So just to do the math for you... I am now 14 weeks along and this will put Elliot and the new babe 15 to 16 months apart.

I felt pretty yucky this time around for the first 12 weeks, but the last two weeks have been wonderfully better.

Jake is convinced it's a boy because I've felt so different this time. But we shall see.

We find out if Elliot is getting a brother or sister in 4 weeks on July 8th! Eeek! So anxious!!

In other great news....

We are now residents of Riverton, Ut in a nice 2 bed one bath basement apt. and boy do we ever love this city! It's just a great location and feels like home to us. We love the combination of old and new here. Our ward has been very welcoming, and all in all we are just really enjoying it here!

Jake is really liking his new job as a customer/technical support specialist for Provo Craft. They have recently relocated to South Jordan,so he is minutes from work now. So nice!!!

I am still designing from home and have started coaching again a couple nights a week at Black Diamond Gymnastics in South Jordan. I LOVE being back in the gym!

Life is good.