Tuesday, July 28, 2009

30 DAYS!!!!

If I go to my due date (yuck!), I only have 30 days left! She's dropping a lot this week, I feel like what's happening to my hips and pelvis is very un natural and I'm SO ready to have this lil (or BIG) baby. Last week I was only 1cm dialated, but 50% effaced so at least something is happening. I go back in this Friday, and am hoping for more progress. My Dr. is very um old fashioned and and a little rough, but he works in a practice of 4 doctors so I could have any one of them in the delivery room (who ever is on call that day). I put together her bassinet yesterday, and just need to get a little mattress and sheets for it now. It's pretty cute, it's old and needs a fresh coat of paint, but I like it and it will work great for the first couple of months.
Jake is still looking for work, and he's got some good contacts here so hopefully something will happen soon for him.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

UTAH---or as Bailey says "MY-TAH?"

Well, Jake and I have made some BIG changes in a SMALL amount of time. Due to the failing economy in McCall (un-employment rate @ 13%--- and that's just the documented un-employment!) Jake was unable to secure employment up there. In the meantime I have becoming increasingly pregnant! With out a paid maternity leave, and Jake not working it didn't make sense for us to stay. We made that decision last week. On Monday (July 6th) I told work what our plans were, and with things being so slow they didn't feel it necessary to fulfill a two weeks notice period. So, as greatful as we are for all that the Norris's have done for us we packed up Monday night, rented our U-HAUL for Tuesday and we were on our way.
We were able to stay at the Abigail Manor one more time, and we hope to be back again to visit as soon as we can! We already miss them SOOO much! :(
UTAH (When Bailey our niece on the Urry side was about 3 years old - almost 4, I was trying to explain to her that I lived in Utah and this is why I couldn't be around to see her alot, and she responded, "In My-tah!?" :) lol
We are staying with Jake's parents for the next little bit, while Jake gets working. I'll be on call for my old boss at Insight Eye Care until the baby comes; and we'll be on our own as soon as we can!
Baby Girl Webster is doing very well. We have our first appointment in Utah next Monday (hopefully) so it will be nice to finish things up here soon, pregnancy wise.
We have been very humbled by this whole experience and appreciate all of the support and prayers from our friends and family!