Monday, December 27, 2010

A very Merry Christmas with one brand new little elf!

You can count this as our Christmas letter, because by the time I get around to typing one up it will be for next year anyway.

Quick re-cap:

October highlights...

Traveling with Jake's sister Melissa to vist Abby and Sean in Idaho.
Cornmaze with Elliot was a blast!

First trick or treating Halloween with Elliot, our little chick.

Very pregnant.

November highlights...


On November 23rd at 3:15am Emmett Shaw Webster entered the world. He was 7 lbs 14 oz and 20 inches. He was two weeks early, and was born a bit medium rare. He spent 10 days in the NICU before they pronounced him well done, and let him finally come home. We feel so blessed to have this beautiful baby boy, healthy and in our arms. That was a long 10 days!

This little man deserves a post all to himself, but mom is feeling quite stretched to the max at the moment. :)

Nana came to help take care of us---laundry, "home" cooking, cleaning, wrestling and loving Elliot. We are so greatful for all she did, thank you doesn't begin to cover it. :)

We were also blessed with a new nephew, just 5 days before Emmett was born. Owen Behr Webster (Ben and Kaylee's 3rd).

December highlights:

COLIC and acid reflux. Oh wait, guess that's not a highlight. :)

Abby came to take over for mom. Elliot was literally her little shadow the ENTIRE time. I can't thank my lil sister enough for her help!

First Santa visit. Bit traumatic.

Christmas party at James and Lyndsie's. Can't believe the work they put into it, but are so greatful. Lyndsie even pre-made little ginger bread houses for all of the kids to decorate. Elliot's house made it out of there with a single gum drop. Everything else made it right in to her mouth.

Christmas Eve at Peter and Jill's. YUMMY traditional Engish breakfast for dinner. This will be a fun new tradition!

Christmas day/night at Peter and Jill's with entire Webster mob. :) So fun! Elliot just loves her cousins. Jill along with her little helpers prepared a fantastic feast, with beautifully set tables. Great conversation, 12 loudly joyful children under the age of 12 and Uncle Matt! ;) Gifts exchanged. Diapers changed. What a wonderful day.

Now ON TO 2011!!!

We wish all of our family and friends a wonderful new year!

The Websters
Jake * Miranda * Elliot * Emmett

Thursday, July 8, 2010

It's a BOY!!! and other updates...

18 weeks along now, and we found out this week that we are having a boy! That's right Urry fam a BOY! :)

We are just SO excited and a little nervous (at least I am)! My head is still just spinning with the news! What am I going to do with a boy?!? :) So excited for our little man to arrive though.

Estimated due date has changed to December 15th, just a day after my sister Erika's b-day. :)

Everything looks good and healthy baby wise! Yay!

A few weeks ago my best friend Shar and her family came up to Utah for a wedding and we got to spend the day with them. It was SO great to see everyone! Elliot immediately attached herself to Shar and Brian's oldest (Lorynne), she couldn't get enough of her! She kept hugging her and reaching for her to hold her, it was so cute! The following are a few pics from that day...

We recently took Elliot to her first firework show in Herriman, Ut--- in preparation for the 4th (to see how she'd like them etc...) Here was her expression with the first few fireworks.

after the first several her expression turned to pure joy! She clapped and jumped and loved them!

For 4th of July weekend we traveled up north to visit Aunt Abby and Uncle "Bob" (Sean is his real name, but Elliot kept calling him "Bob"). She calls Bailey -her cousin "Bob" also. lol

We had a total blast! Jake got to shoot stuff with Sean, play FIFA to his hearts content, and I got to see my lil sis!!! Elliot had a great time too, although she was growing yet another tooth, so she was not her normal cheerful self. She really wasn't sure about the dogs either which was kind of funny!

We went and saw a great fireworks show in Boise and thought Elliot would love it! I had brought some glow stick/bracelets though as a surprise and that's all she was interested in. lol Oh and I can't forget the fireworks show Sean put on for us in the foothills. It was pretty awesome and quite hilarious to watch him light the firework and have Jake "quickly" "run" to set it down and then "quickly" "run" back to safety. Oh man, I love my goofy husband. :)

Here are a few pics of our time up there, I really didn't take very many so I need to get copies of Abby's because she took some really great ones!

Thursday, June 10, 2010


It's true!

We are having a baby! Another one!

We are very excited to welcome our newest family member in December. :)

Elliot is as excited as a 9 month old can be about the big news! Ha ha she just claps and smiles because mom and dad make it sound so exciting!

So just to do the math for you... I am now 14 weeks along and this will put Elliot and the new babe 15 to 16 months apart.

I felt pretty yucky this time around for the first 12 weeks, but the last two weeks have been wonderfully better.

Jake is convinced it's a boy because I've felt so different this time. But we shall see.

We find out if Elliot is getting a brother or sister in 4 weeks on July 8th! Eeek! So anxious!!

In other great news....

We are now residents of Riverton, Ut in a nice 2 bed one bath basement apt. and boy do we ever love this city! It's just a great location and feels like home to us. We love the combination of old and new here. Our ward has been very welcoming, and all in all we are just really enjoying it here!

Jake is really liking his new job as a customer/technical support specialist for Provo Craft. They have recently relocated to South Jordan,so he is minutes from work now. So nice!!!

I am still designing from home and have started coaching again a couple nights a week at Black Diamond Gymnastics in South Jordan. I LOVE being back in the gym!

Life is good.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sleep & Thrush Update!

Cutest purple face ever!

Yay! Turns out the reason for her yucky sleep schedule was a result of Thrush! I was telling Jill (Elliot's Grandma Webster), that you could see two little teeth pressing against her lower gums, so she decided to take a look and that's when we saw it. White stuff on her tongue, then we looked some more and sure enough it was all over the inside of her cheeks and roof of her mouth. Jill knew right away it was Thrush. Poor baby! Ugh it looked SO sore! So, I took everyones advice and we ordered some Gention Violet. 24 hours later and it was gone! What a miracle that little medicine is! She's slept so much better since this little incident. Just in time for her to start cutting her first teeth. Awesome. :)

Monday, February 15, 2010

HELP! We need some advice!

K, here's the deal! This baby won't sleep!!! She doesn't sleep well for naps or at night, it's like she doesn't need it! What's the deal? I'm interested to hear what's worked for any of you???

Friday, January 29, 2010

5 months OLD!!!

She made us laugh pretty good when she did this and because we thought it was so funny she kept it in her mouth forever! Oh I just love her!!!

I can't believe our little baby is already 5 months!!!

Here are a few of her latest achievements...

* She thinks if someone is laughing, and I mean ANYone, that they are laughing at her because she's so funny and cute (she thinks) (I mean we think so too, it's just funny that she already thinks that!!!). She smiles and blinks and leans toward that person. She is just absolutely confident that she is the reason for all of the joy and laughter at any given time. :)

* When she does something funny, and we laugh oh does she ham it right up!

* She loves bath time! Splashes like crazy! Doesn't care if it gets on her face, or in her eyes or ALL over me!

* She has figured out how to fake laugh and cough in order to get attention from her family members.

* She loves the bouncer. She can bounce for ever and now she is standing on her own (in the bouncer of course)!

* She is speaking jibberish fluently and frequently now.

* She's a little night owl like her parents.

* One of my favorite things is that to fall asleep she has to play with my face.

* She's laughing and giggling more and more. She finds her parents quite hilarious and that's one of the best feelings ever!

* Other than an ear infection and a cold she has been one healthy girl!

We feel so blessed that she was sent to our family. She brings us so much joy. Words can't say enough how much we love this little girl. Parenthood is quite the experience! :)

We hope all is well with you---our family and friends!

Multi Tasking...

Thursday, November 19, 2009