Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sleep & Thrush Update!

Cutest purple face ever!

Yay! Turns out the reason for her yucky sleep schedule was a result of Thrush! I was telling Jill (Elliot's Grandma Webster), that you could see two little teeth pressing against her lower gums, so she decided to take a look and that's when we saw it. White stuff on her tongue, then we looked some more and sure enough it was all over the inside of her cheeks and roof of her mouth. Jill knew right away it was Thrush. Poor baby! Ugh it looked SO sore! So, I took everyones advice and we ordered some Gention Violet. 24 hours later and it was gone! What a miracle that little medicine is! She's slept so much better since this little incident. Just in time for her to start cutting her first teeth. Awesome. :)


  1. SO sorry! Doesnt sound like fun....But she is a cute little Grape!

  2. I just love her side smile..makes my day.