Friday, January 29, 2010

5 months OLD!!!

She made us laugh pretty good when she did this and because we thought it was so funny she kept it in her mouth forever! Oh I just love her!!!

I can't believe our little baby is already 5 months!!!

Here are a few of her latest achievements...

* She thinks if someone is laughing, and I mean ANYone, that they are laughing at her because she's so funny and cute (she thinks) (I mean we think so too, it's just funny that she already thinks that!!!). She smiles and blinks and leans toward that person. She is just absolutely confident that she is the reason for all of the joy and laughter at any given time. :)

* When she does something funny, and we laugh oh does she ham it right up!

* She loves bath time! Splashes like crazy! Doesn't care if it gets on her face, or in her eyes or ALL over me!

* She has figured out how to fake laugh and cough in order to get attention from her family members.

* She loves the bouncer. She can bounce for ever and now she is standing on her own (in the bouncer of course)!

* She is speaking jibberish fluently and frequently now.

* She's a little night owl like her parents.

* One of my favorite things is that to fall asleep she has to play with my face.

* She's laughing and giggling more and more. She finds her parents quite hilarious and that's one of the best feelings ever!

* Other than an ear infection and a cold she has been one healthy girl!

We feel so blessed that she was sent to our family. She brings us so much joy. Words can't say enough how much we love this little girl. Parenthood is quite the experience! :)

We hope all is well with you---our family and friends!

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