Thursday, January 29, 2009

Jake's big scare!!!

Jake had a big scare last night!...

It was me! LOLOL

To start off with my back has been killing me so we finally went in to the chiropractor who fixed me up pretty good and gave me a list of instructions to help with the healing process. One of those instructions is to drink 100 oz of water a day! So, I started my 100 oz of water drinking at about 7 PM... This information plays a role in what's to come.

So, under our little apt. they are remodeling and we had workers sheet rocking until about 11:30PM---this is a little past my bed time lately so as soon as they left I was out like a light. About an hour later I get a call from nature so, still half asleep I sit up put on my little slippers and scoot to the bathroom. ( I say scoot because you see my back doesn't quite straighten all the way right at first when I get up so I'm walking like I'm 100 years old... in other words it's not a silent glide). Meanwhile Jake had just put the lap top down and had just lay down to fall asleep and somehow had not felt or heard me get out of bed to use the restroom. So as I scoot back to bed and round the corner Jake shoots up and yell's "HHHHEEEELLLLLOOOO!?!?!?!?" He's staring right at me!!! Scared me to death! I thought OH CRAP SOMEONE IS BEHIND ME!!!! Then I realize in a split second that I'm the one he's yelling at and looks like he's going to take out in 2 seconds so I yelled back! "JACOB---it's me!!!" It took him several more seconds to (in his words) recognize my voice! By the time I collapsed back in bed I was shaking and his heart was beating SO fast! He swore he hadn't heard me move or get up and that he thought I was right next to him when he sat up and yelled... Then I got the giggles I was laughing so hard I could hardly breathe! I'd try falling asleep and then I'd lose it again laughing! I've even done it probably six times today so far every time I think about it!

Sigh... Oh the joys of getting used to creepy new apts! LOLOL

Happy almost Friday!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

That's right... McCall Idaho

Well, the past two weeks have been a complete blur! Last week Jake and I took a little trip up to Idaho to do two things. 1-We had the priveledge of staying in the "Abigail Manor" ---Abby & Sean's new place that is absolutely gorgeous! 2- We, had an interview with an eye doctor up in McCall (90 miles north of Boise). Abby and Sean were kind enough to come up to McCall with us which made the drive much better to have the company. Abby used an actual outhouse on the way up! I knew you were all wondering. Sean gave us the tour of the area, because of his familiarity to it coming up here for camping in the summers. It's beautiful up here! A little like Park City, but I think even better. There is the beautiful Payette ( I think that's the name of it anyway) lake at the edge of the town, and huge pine trees up here, lots that are still strung with white Christmas lights. The town is gearing up for the winter carnival, which has become a pretty big deal. More than 100,000 people will drive through this little town to see the incredible snow sculptures. It's been pretty cool to watch them start to build them this week. Check out So to back up a little bit, last week Jake and I both worked all week and tried to pack as much as we could because we accepted the job. We will be working for Dr. Randy Norris and his wife Leah. They are such good people! It is going to be a really great opportunity for us! We love it up here! The people are SO friendly! I find myself not trusting it a little... For instance, everyone waves at you when you drive by them! EVERYONE! At first I think---umm do they know me? But of course they don't know me! We've only been here for 4 days! They just like to wave and say hi and hold the door open for you and invite you to activities, etc. It's great! Feels like Texas but with mountains and snow--- aka Heaven. The accounting company that handles Family Eye Centers stuff is just right next door, and Frannie who works for them has come over every morning to get our daily reports etc. Well, yesterday she came in after the Dr. and his wife had left and she said, "I keep meaning to introduce myself, I'm Frannie and I am the Relief Society in the 1st ward..." That's right there are TWO wards up here, woo hoo! Anyway she invited me to enrichment tonight, and told me that the ward starts at 9am on Sundays---ugh. So, I'm going to go socialize tonight. Should be fun hopefully, it's been weird getting into being in a family ward again after so many years of singles wards. :) This weekend I'll run around and take lots of pictures to post for you all to see. Wildlife: We see foxes everywhere (real ones Sean!), and yesterday on the way to work we drove next to a herd of elk---beautiful! That's the latest! Oh yes, and we don't have a mailing address yet because we have to get a PO box up here because they don't deliver to street addresses and also my cell doesn't have any service up here so feel free to call me at work and we'll keep you updated on any changes.
Family Eye Center 208-634-2020

Saturday, January 3, 2009

On To A New Year!

Happy New Year!!!

To back up just a bit... Christmas was great! We had such a good time visiting our family in California, we relaxed a lot, visited the wild animal park, played lots of games and just had a really geat time! We came back to Utah on Christmas night to spend with family at mom and dad Websters, where we ate a GRAND feast! Oy, I'm still full from that night I think... All in all our first married Christmas will be hard to top in the years to come. :)

We started the year off with lots of bangs! Our brother and sister in law, James and Lindsey hosted a great New Years Eve bash, full of Wii playing, Scrabble, minature basketball, and great food in their beautiful home. I barely made it to midnight this year. My night owl days have disappeared at the moment... Needless to say midnight struck and everyone participated by banging pots and pans and blowing those little squeeker thingy's. Then Jake and James played some Wii tennis before we finally went home.

The year ahead holds a bit of mystery for us at this point. I am looking at some new job opportunities and Jake will be working on his education. Where we will be doing this is still in the air... Utah, Idaho, California, Texas, Jupiter... Who knows!! :)

We'll be making a decision soon though and will let you all know when we do!