Thursday, July 8, 2010

It's a BOY!!! and other updates...

18 weeks along now, and we found out this week that we are having a boy! That's right Urry fam a BOY! :)

We are just SO excited and a little nervous (at least I am)! My head is still just spinning with the news! What am I going to do with a boy?!? :) So excited for our little man to arrive though.

Estimated due date has changed to December 15th, just a day after my sister Erika's b-day. :)

Everything looks good and healthy baby wise! Yay!

A few weeks ago my best friend Shar and her family came up to Utah for a wedding and we got to spend the day with them. It was SO great to see everyone! Elliot immediately attached herself to Shar and Brian's oldest (Lorynne), she couldn't get enough of her! She kept hugging her and reaching for her to hold her, it was so cute! The following are a few pics from that day...

We recently took Elliot to her first firework show in Herriman, Ut--- in preparation for the 4th (to see how she'd like them etc...) Here was her expression with the first few fireworks.

after the first several her expression turned to pure joy! She clapped and jumped and loved them!

For 4th of July weekend we traveled up north to visit Aunt Abby and Uncle "Bob" (Sean is his real name, but Elliot kept calling him "Bob"). She calls Bailey -her cousin "Bob" also. lol

We had a total blast! Jake got to shoot stuff with Sean, play FIFA to his hearts content, and I got to see my lil sis!!! Elliot had a great time too, although she was growing yet another tooth, so she was not her normal cheerful self. She really wasn't sure about the dogs either which was kind of funny!

We went and saw a great fireworks show in Boise and thought Elliot would love it! I had brought some glow stick/bracelets though as a surprise and that's all she was interested in. lol Oh and I can't forget the fireworks show Sean put on for us in the foothills. It was pretty awesome and quite hilarious to watch him light the firework and have Jake "quickly" "run" to set it down and then "quickly" "run" back to safety. Oh man, I love my goofy husband. :)

Here are a few pics of our time up there, I really didn't take very many so I need to get copies of Abby's because she took some really great ones!


  1. WOW, a boy!!! That's just perfect--one boy and one girl!! I am so happy for you!

  2. A boy!!! Perfect. Now you will have one of each! Love the updates!!

  3. HAHAHA miranda i laughed so hard at her expressions from the firework show. That is hysterical. You have lots of updates, thanks for finally sharing ;)

  4. oh and your comment about Jake, skipping back to safety! hah good times....